AsaB Inc.

AsaB Inc.

1. Company

AsaB Inc.

Company Name
AsaB Inc.
Higashinotoindori gojokudaru 3, Izumicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan 600-8188
Shunsuke Morii

2. What we do:Creating Social System with Web3 Technology

With the advent of Web3 technology, the metaverse, we are standing at a historical turning point. We have entered a technological and social phase in which valuable people can be properly evaluated and a society that does not give up pursuing its own potential can be realized. AsaB will incorporate the roles previously played by the state, government, religions, and corporations into a decentralized protocol, and will launch a group of businesses that will enable the reconstruction of an ideal social system in rapid succession.
We are currently developing products in both hardware and software in the art and creator area. We are aiming to become a group of entrepreneurs who launch multiple Web3 products and businesses. In the medium term, we aim to create a Web3 specialized fund and create value in rapid succession.

3. Statement

Slogan:We make the world dawn.

Mission:Rebuilding Social Architecture for a Beautiful Future.

4. Origin of the company name


  • The word “Asaborake" is an ancient Japanese word meaning "light shining in the darkness and scene of light".
  • “We make the world dawn.” Creating the dawn of the world and the dawn of someone else's life.
  • Implementing a social system and hope that even if you despair over something that never changes, the morning will come again.
  • The advent of Web3 will disrupt the absurdities and imbalances that could not be changed until now.

Find and reconstruct the social architecture between A and B

  • A to B like ABCD etc... - Existing architectures and common sense
  • “sa” is Social architecture - Social architecture hidden in existing common sense

What is Social architecture? — wikipedia

Social architecture is the conscious design of an environment that encourages a desired range of social behaviors leading towards some goal or set of goals.
— AsaB will build a new social architecture. We will reconstruct the mechanisms hidden within the existing system. We will create a society where no one is left behind. — We are a group of thinkers who doubt A to B.

5. Team

Founder & CEO / Shunsuke Morii

  • Former Founder & CEO at LIBASE (Acquired by United)
  • Established Teracy Inc. ( ) as my third company and developed and operated Teracy, a global SaaS.
  • Established AsaB Inc. , a new company specializing in Web3 as the my fourth company.
  • In 2018, I ran NextChain, a Web 3 learning community with hundreds of people.

Tech Lead & Thinker / Nao Omiya

  • Web3 Engineer
  • Fascinated with the Web3 technology since around 2018, researching and developing as a thinker & technologist.
  • Mainly technical and thought lead at AsaB Inc.

Engineer Team

  • Web3 technology researcher and smart contract engineer

Bizdev Team

  • Former Biz dev at CyberAgent or DeNA
  • Former Hakuhodo and prominent corporate branding specialist

Design Team

  • Former designer at Yahoo's top class consumer services in Japan
  • Former designer at Lawadvisor, an Australian legal tech SaaS

Tax accountant / Sueyoshi Masaki

  • In the field of taxation of Web3, he has been advising a certain corporation that issues crypto assets (currently in the top 10 in terms of market capitalization of crypto assets) since around 2015. He has filed many tax returns and witnessed many tax audits.

Lawyer / Akinobu Kawahara

  • After graduating from Osaka University's Graduate School of Advanced Legal Studies, he worked at Genie Corporation (concurrently serving as an officer of its overseas subsidiary) and Recruit Co. He is mainly engaged in IPO preparations (setting up compliance systems and handling examinations by securities companies and the Tokyo Stock Exchange), M&A (acquisition of and investment in Indian and Indonesian companies, etc.), audits of overseas subsidiaries, and compliance with advertising regulations under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
— We’re hiring! We are looking for aspiring Engineer, Bizdev, UIUX designer, Business manager, and researchers who want to change the world with Web3. Although we are based in Kyoto, we are an organization that is designed for fully remote work and global challenges. Please feel free to DM us on Twitter at the bottom of the page.

6. Office

7. Contact

For hiring information, media interviews, and other inquiries about our business, please contact us via DM on the following CEO's twitter account.

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